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European Union (EU) relations with other regions and countries


Referatas anglų kalba. Europos Sąjungos santykiai su kitomis šalimis ir regionais. Introduction. European Union in the world’s stage. Trade of the European Union. European countries. The Barcelona Process. Commonwealth of Independent States. Middle East. North America. Asia. Latin America. Conclusion.


The European Union is one of the main actors on the world economic stage, a population is 500 million people - more than in the United States and Russia put together. Its trading volume - the largest in the world, and also it generates one quarter of global capital. EU helps poor countries the most of all. In the international financial markets, its currency, the euro, comes second only to the U.S. dollar.
At the beginning it hasn’t been trying to make EU mightiest and strongest in the world. Created immediately after World War II, the main goal of EU was to unify European states and nations. But the Union expanded, took more and more responsibility, therefore it was necessary to define its relations with other countries in the world. Trade barriers were removed within the EU, development of poorer regions and peaceful collaboration were encouraged. As well as its relations with other countries and international organizations is to make that everyone felt the advantages of economic growth and stability. At the same time the EU defends its legitimate economic and commercial interests in the global arena.
Currently, the purpose of European Union is to expand peace and security beyond its borders. In order to achieve this challenging task and to become a force which secures stability, cooperation and understanding in the world, EU develops a common foreign and security policy.
Finally, an example of the European Union shows how the common interests of countries can successfully concentrate economic and political resources. This is an excellent example of the integration to other regions of the world. ...

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